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Orderly resumption of work to ensure production and supply

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Orderly resumption of work to ensure production and supply



At present, under the ruthless offensive of the new crown virus, our country is fighting a people's war without gunpowder. Under the leadership of the party and the country, the whole people have the confidence to win against this "war epidemic". During the epidemic, our company responded to the calls and decrees at all levels of the state, province and city, adjusted the construction period in time, and organized production safely and effectively.

In order to cooperate with the prevention and control of the epidemic, at the request of the park, and responsible for the personal safety of everyone in the company, we have done as complete an epidemic prevention work as possible. Since the start of construction for more than 20 days, our company has been carrying out orderly operations in a healthy and safe environment. Production and business activities, to make our due responsibilities and responsibilities for the society and customers.

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