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F-03 type high-efficiency adsorbent

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                                                    F-03 type high-efficiency adsorbent
Product introduction:
F-03 type high-efficiency adsorbent can effectively adsorb various sulfur fluorides, acidic substances and water such as SOF2, SO2 and S2F10O at room temperature. Suitable for SF6 circuit breakers, SF6 fully enclosed combination appliances and other SF6 electrical equipment. It can also be used to purify SF6 gas and gas purification with impurities similar to those mentioned above.

Application areas:

n Various high-voltage electrical equipment with SF6 as insulating medium

n SF6 manufacturers

Main Specifications:     

Technical performanceType F-03
Graininess            Φ4-6mm
Water absorption*           ≥22wt%
Bulk density           700~750kg/m3
crushing strength         ≥100N/颗
specific surface area            450±30m2/g
moisture content of packaging        <1.5wt%
Wear rate             ≤0. 1%


*The number of grams of H2O adsorbed per 100 grams of activated molecular sieves at atmospheric pressure and 35°C temperature.

Packaging and storage method:

Pack in airtight cardboard drums or iron drums and store in a dry place.


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