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SDOC-2 High Efficiency Oxidation Catalyst

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                                            SDOC-2 High Efficiency Oxidation Catalyst

Product introduction:

SDOC-2 type high-efficiency oxidation catalyst can directly remove impurities such as CH4, H2, CO in oxygen and other inert gases, no matter under the condition of oxygen or anaerobic. It has the characteristics of good strength, high activity and high depth of impurity removal.

Application areas:

■ Petrochemical                 ■ Metallurgical Industry■ metal organic synthesis            ■ Semiconductor electronics industry■ Deoxidation of industrial gases such as gas, medicine, food, etc.

Main Specifications:       

Technical performanceSDOC-2
Appearance shapeblack ball
Bulk density1.2±0.1kg/L
Mechanical strength≥60N/grain
application gasOxygen, nitrogen or other inert gases
remove impuritiesCH4、H2、COother impurities
use airspeed≤3000h-1
Operating temperatureCH4removal temperature:300~400℃
H2removal temperature:150~200℃
COremoval temperature:90~150℃
Maximum heat resistance temperature≤ 450℃
Removal depth(0.1~0.5)×10-6 V/V
service life≥3year


Packaging and storage method:

Plastic bags encapsulated in iron drums, net weight 40kg per drum, placed in a dry place.


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