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SDHC-1B High Efficiency Deoxygenation Catalyst

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                                          SDHC-1B High Efficiency Deoxygenation Catalyst

Product introduction:

SDHC-1B type deoxidizer is mainly used to remove trace oxygen in hydrogen, nitrogen, argon or other inert gases. Its main feature is that it has a double deoxygenation mechanism, which can be used as a catalyst for catalytic hydrodeoxygenation or as a deoxidizer for direct deoxygenation. The deoxidizer is characterized by high activity, non-pulverization and good moisture resistance.

Application areas:

■ Petrochemical ■ Metallurgical Industry

■ Metal organic synthesis ■ Semiconductor electronics industry

■ Deoxidation of industrial gases such as gas, medicine and food

Main Specifications:


Technical performanceSDHC-1B type
Appearance shapeblack sphere
Bulk density1.2±0.1kg/L
Mechanical strength≥50N/grain
application gasHydrogen, nitrogen, or other inert gas
remove impuritiesoxygen
Allowable oxygen concentration in the gas to be purifiedH2medium deoxygenation:~2%
Add H2 to N2 for deoxygenation:~2%
Direct deoxygenation in N2:≤500×10-6 V/V
use airspeed500~8000h-1
Operating temperatureRoom temperature~150℃ optional
Maximum heat resistance temperature500℃
activation regeneration temperature110~350℃
Deoxygenation capacity15~25ml/g
Deoxidation depth≤0.1×10-6 V/V
service life≥3year


Packaging and storage method:

Plastic bags encapsulated in iron drums, net weight 40kg per drum, placed in a dry place.


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